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It' extremely important your vehicle's offered by manufacturer periodic maintenance and other control operations in terms of safety, performance and comfort to be well performed by manufacturer. In this regard, all the functions necessary for the smooth operation of the control, change and adjustments are made by manufacturer.

Content and frequency of maintenance depends on the age and mileage of your vehicle. In the following circumstances special care is needed for your car.

  • Inner City Use
  • At low temperatures, the repeated use of the engine is cold to very short distances,
  • Long-term vehicle to remain motionless,
  • Which countries the air temperature is often higher than 30 degrees,
  • Which countries the air temperature is often lower than -15 degrees,
  • Usage countries which is in dusty environments,
  • Fuel use in places of low quality or could be problematic,
  • Which is monthly use of more than 4000 km of 1.6 HDi, 110HP cars.

To keep your vehicle under warranty, the mileage or time period specified by the manufacturer of the maintenance should be performed.It is important to fill and seal the maintanence booklet and well protect for the self-benefit.

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