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Rely on our car, comfort and safety for more "original parts" instead of actually only sizes all match because used parts supply industry; quality because you are not sure of the origin is not certain parts be put at risk is very important. The first intake is thought to have several parts in saving in the long run you risk a larger financial burden of bringing even the risk of possible compensation is available.

As with almost every manufacturer of original spare parts of our brand through comprehensive tests to design, production, shipment and storage stages and each stage in accordance with certain standards specified by the manufacturer are presented in the best environment. Of course, the reliability of those parts are final. However, certain non-origin parts supply industry in the future what kind of problems out never be known in advance. Original spare parts usage, especially in certain sectors of the consumer life safety, environmental health is important for this reason, many places in the world trying to be guaranteed certain standards.

Out of no original parts will cars spekt in the event of such a nature as parts of the vehicle warranty will end in. Parts by law be valid for the full warranty from the dealer receipt and invoice is required to be present when prompted. Here's some original parts used in vehicles owned and the original track to give brief information on what is important we want to sample.

Only instead of a wake instead of a genuine shock absorber shock absorber selection probably did not fit the character of faulty shock absorbers and original spektlerde broken shock absorber selection means that the car's handling of the worst affected means. Vehicles will be checked more difficult in turn may become unsuitable or even in some cases shock absorbers also may weaken braking performance.

Always in your car engine properly and approved by the manufacturer must use spark plugs. Improper use of plugs in the future may cause severe engine damage in this case the guarantee will also be disabled. As a result of a bad fire in the engine emerged possible losses suffered by poor combustion catalyst can be exposed with the engine performance, idle cycle is regular, the maximum fuel savings can be achieved only with the original spark plug to use.

Reality may not be compatible with your vehicle exhaust rather than wake her. Values of the performance of the engine exhaust to the performance will determine the effect. Exhaust life, in fact a good criterion to measure the quality of the exhaust is. Next to the industrial life of the original exhaust with the exhaust is a known fact can not be never be compared.

With the original exhaust sound test that can be passed easily through the non-original exhaust can not be known with.

Many different types of filters in our car reflects the different technologies.

Air Filters
Air-fuel mixture to the engine, but with high performance may show that you want.This could of course be absorbed by the air clean is possible. Appropriate use of air filters to air-fuel mixture to occur while the user saves fuel. Specified by the engine manufacturer provides maximum performance.

Oil Filters
Motor oil dust, wear particles with which cleans involuntary. Clean engine oil lubrication of the planned area accessible only allows. Engine stopped the oil filter back several safety valves that prevent the engine oil pressure is running again, lets quickly create. Tolerant to corruption earlier filters, oil flow to slow down for a while and then increasingly serious damage to the engine will.

Fuel Filter
Engines of water and sediment from fuel tank purifies. Regular operation of the engine while at the same time also extends the life.

Pollen Filter
This filter is placed on air conditioning systems, smoke, pollen, dust, undesirable substances, such as entry into the vehicle stops. Unsuitable for cheaper solutions pollen filters selected bacteria to the future and the air circulation system and this enables the tool into the fountain in this case, of course, suffered the injury is much higher.