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Automotive history from the past more than present all times, the revolutionary inventions throughout history by signing into mediocrity Citroën innovations in the nature of rebellion, was founded in 1919 by André Citroën. Citroën surname, the great-great grandfather traders later "Citron" as amended "Limoenman" surname came from, "the man with small lemon" ...

Yet 34 years old "gear team" who founded his own company to produce André Citroën, the automotive industry would be referred to as a giant later. The symbol etched into the memory Citroën "double chevron" his meeting with the André Citroën gear system, a reference triangle carries qualifications.

That foundation stones laid by Citroën automotive history:

The first car was sold branded June 4, 1919 Citroën 10 HP Type A Torpedo. Citroën, Europe's first production car had won A Type, automotive history.

Then, thanks to the experience gained with A Type B series is produced. The world's first steel bodywork in the series BIO cars took part.

Citroën 8CV, 93 km / h average speed of 300,000 km and via "long distance world record in the" nu broke.

Citroën "world's first front-wheel-drive car" in mass production began.

Citroën C-series with signing a policy, to expand its model range continued to be a pioneer and industry. Citroën in 1938, the world's first "hydropnömatik suspension" La 15 Six'i car was invented.

Citroën in 1955 as the world's first to offer a standard brake discs, car DS'i invented. Century as a tribute to the avid car DS, "a fall occurred, a miracle" was defined as. Goddess means "deesse" pronunciations of the word, the DS, a myth in the automotive world as input and always remained so.

"The world's first car is the fastest non-turbo" La CX 2500 Diesel was invented. Again the same year, "the world's first fully electronic ignition system with a car" La LNA'yı was offered for sale.

In 1989 when the Citroën, surprised everyone again. The world's first scene was XM car hidroaktif suspension.

"Europe's first tilt-adjustable rear seat car" ZX "i invented.

Citroën AX 2.7 lt/100 km with Eco "fuel economy world record in the" nu broke.

"Saxo" s was launched. 27,000 visitors over the vehicle of manufacture; Aulnay'a arrived.

1581.378 ended and production unit sold ZX'in Xsara was launched.

In November, Citroën, a first in the automobile industry, the ISO 9001 (version 2000) 'I took. C heritage came to the agenda again. History was revived, nostalgia has met with technology. The C-series cars, their segment, use, purpose, and is called A with equipment according to the number. The smallest model, such as C1, and C8 largest ...

Citroën broke a new sales record: 1312,000 tools.

The Spanish press C2, C5 and Xsara Picasso Brazilian media also chose the year's best tool. In the same year of the C4 hatchback and coupe versions of the model Mondial'de presentation took place.

Adopted as a means of prestige in the series C C6 model was exhibited for the first time in Frankfurt Fair.

Citroën jumpy, 20 journalists as a result of the vote of the jury consisting of experts "2008-Commercial Vehicle of the Year" award was received. Citroën C4 Sedan first sedan car was launched in Turkey in the first Europe.

Local car Citroën Nemo "2009 - Commercial Vehicle of the Year" award was received. Small or large, all to add new ones every day to Citroën success, continues to write history.