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Citroën DS5 is a modern approach to the premium executive car, with distinctive, contemporary flair. It’s a car that’s very hard to categorise. It offers a new crossbreed of genres.

The interior perfectly matches the excitement triggered by the exterior, complementing the vehicle as a whole. It really is a great moment.
When you get into any car, you’re just in a car. But, when you climb into Citroën DS5, there is a clear expression of exclusivity and refinement.

In the cabin there’s one button per function. Instead of searching for functions in menus and sub-menus, you just press a button to get the function working. It’s very simple.

The leather used in Citroën DS5 is outstanding. No other general manufacturer uses it. But we use it. We even used particle technology from the cosmetics industry. Some amazing things. Real chemistry.

We do our utmost best to maintain quality down to the tiniest detail in luxury style. In turn it’s much harder to produce several copies while maintaining high standards than to do a one-off.
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Every aspect of New Citroen Cactus deserves praise!!!